We understand how frustrating it can be to need help repairing a device that you use regularly. This is especially the case when you have no idea where to get that device repaired, how much it will cost, what someone can or can’t fix, and whether or not a repair specialist is willing to stand by their work! Thankfully for our customers, T.I.N.Y stands by every repair we make 100%. We also offer fast and accurate quotes for every repair we make. Are you still feeling a bit unsure about what we can or can’t fix? That’s not a problem! Check out our FAQ below.

computer motherboard repair NY
Yes, we do! T.I.N.Y provides customers with quality repairs for a number of common malfunctions & damage issues. Some of those repairs include the following:

We accept all major credit or debit cards. One of our experts will give you an accurate quote for your repair request prior to doing any work. We require all payments be made prior to doing any work on your device. However, we do offer customers a money-back guarantee as well!
Here at T.I.N.Y, we believe in providing our customers with the best repair services available, at some of the best prices around. Our repair specialists are highly skilled and capable of repair almost any type of device you can think of. We also understand that you might be curious to learn more about what we do! That includes any current high-tech trends or news regarding technology and common repair issues. We hope you find our posts as informative as we do!

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You Can Submit Your Repair Request HERE, Or Give Us A Call Today For A Free Quote At (855) 845-7573. Please Be Aware That Depending On The Nature Of Your Repair, It May Take Shorter Or Longer Than Expected. We’ll Keep You Informed Every Step Of The Way!

Absolutely! We can handle almost any type of iPad repair imaginable, including:

Yes, we do! We can handle almost any type of Gaming Console repair including::Regardless of the type of Gaming Console repair you’re in need of, our qualified technicians here at T.I.N.Y have years of experience dealing with all or most types of devices and repairs.

Of course! We can repair almost any type of Personal Computer, including:Regardless of what type of Computer issue you need help with, our expert technicians here at T.I.N.Y have years of experience dealing with all or most types of Computer repairs.

Of course! Many of us use Tablets as frequently, if not more than we utilize our laptops. Having a damaged or broken Tablet can affect your ability to do work and/or enjoy your leisure time with that Tablet device. Thankfully, our experts here at T.I.N.Y are ready to help! We handle almost any type of Tablet repair imaginable, this includes:

Yes, we do! Whether you’re an Android person or an iPhone user, our specialists have dealt with a number of different repair situations for a number of different SmartPhone devices. T.I.N.Y can expertly handle repairs for almost any type of phone you can think of. This includes repairs for any of the following SmartPhone devices:

We stand by our quality work 100%, and we aren’t happy until YOU are completely satisfied. Our expert technicians here at T.I.N.Y have years of experience dealing with all or most types of devices and repairs. All of our technicians treat every customer’s device as if it were their own, and they take a great deal of pride in their work. Just forget about the rest, and trust the best!