Having issues with your MacBook? Here are some common Macbook issues and how to fix them!

January 12, 2021
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If you have a MacBook Air, it probably annoys you tremendously when you run into any problems using it. If there are any serious issues with your MacBook, you might need to get it checked by a certified technician. But you don’t always require Macbook Air repair services in Queens, NY. Minor problems can be fixed with simple solutions.

Here are the most common Macbook Problems and their solutions. If these tips cannot help you solve your Macbook problem, you should consider taking your MacBook Air to a professional for repair in Queens, NY.

If you are having problems with your Mac device, make sure to back up your data when trying out the solutions given below.

  1. MacBook shutting off suddenly

If your MacBook shuts off suddenly while working, at random times, make sure to check whether it is charging correctly? Sometimes the Macbook is not charging properly due to faulty wire or plugged incorrectly. But in case your MacBook is shutting off despite having sufficient charging, it might be due to an underlying technical problem.

In that case, go to System Management Controller (SMC) and try performing an SMC reset. The SMC controls your Mac’s various hardware processes, including battery charging, sleep modes, and more. If something is wrong with your battery, the reset might resolve the problem.

If the issue prevails, consult with our certified technicians at T.I.N.Y. Repairs for expert assistance.

  1. Blank screen at startup

If you switch on your Macbook Air and a blank screen appears after booting the system, it might be due to a software issue. If this happens, you should reboot your Macbook in ‘safe mode’ and check if any software updates are available. If the update does not resolve your issue, go to the disk utility tool and check for system problems. If the device shows any troubleshooting tips, try them, and if there are no solutions displayed, it is best to let a certified technician from T.I.N.Y. Repairs help you fix the problem.

  1. MacBook not charging

If you are getting an error whenever you plug your charger into your MacBook Air, it is usually due to a faulty cable in most cases. In that case, it is recommended to get your charger replaced or repaired. However, sometimes the issue is due to a faulty charging port. If that’s the case, our expert technicians at T.I.N.Y. Repairs can quickly fix it for you.

  1. MacBook unable to connect to external devices

Many MacBook users face this issue when trying to connect to external devices with their Mac. If that’s the case, try connecting your external device with a functional USB cable. Sometimes the Mac gets an error trying to install the compatible drivers if it is not compatible with your Mac. In that case, reboot the MacBook and try connecting again. If it does not work, it could be due to an internal technical issue.

  1. MacBook running slow

If your MacBook is running slowly, then the best method to speed up its processing is to perform system cleanup. Clearing up the hard drive space can help boost your MacBook speed. But in some cases, it could be due to malware or virus in your system. So, make sure to run a malware and virus scan for your system, and if there are any such issues, it is highly recommended to get a professional technician to clean up your system.

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