How to tell the difference between a cracked glass or a broken LCD?

September 30, 2021
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Every phone owner’s worst nightmare comes true the moment their phone slips out of their hands. No matter how experienced or careful you may be, it only takes one hasty moment for you to lose control of your precious possession only for it to come crashing down on its face. Although newer phone models are designed to withstand a certain level of impact on fall, the chances of the screen shattering still remain high.

A shattered screen may give you a mini heart attack at the initial inspection. However, if you look closely, the damage may not be as worse as it seems. While a broken LCD screen may cost you heavily, cracked glass is one of those cell phone repairs in Queens that doesn’t require you to shell out more. Read on to understand how you can differentiate between a cracked glass and identify a broken LCD screen.

What is the difference between the glass and the LCD?

If you have previously taken your cell phone for repairs, you may have encountered 2 very different replacement part options i.e, the glass and the LCD screen. The former is the exterior layer on your phone display which is specifically engineered for durability and to endure the impact of the sudden fall. If the glass screen of the phone gets cracked, its repair will not dig a huge hole in your pocket. Hence, the replacement of the glass screen is inexpensive. However, the latter, LCD screen (liquid crystal display) is entirely responsible for the display and the touch response that you enjoy on your sophisticated electronic device. Therefore, if the LCD is damaged, you are looking at significant repair or replacement costs.

How to tell when the LCD has been damaged?

If your cell phone’s glass has been broken, it may look like a normal glass cracked, and you still may be able to use your device for typing, etc. However, the chances that your device’s camera will work are low, but the vital functions such as calling and typing tend to be normal, albeit with minor distortions due to the cracked glass.

However, if the digitizer or the LCD is compromised in the fall, there will be major issues in the functioning of your phone. Hence, look out for the following signs that indicate that the LCD has been damaged completely.

Unresponsive touch screen: As mentioned before, if only the upper glass is broken, your phone may still respond to the touch and voice commands. However, if the LCD has been compromised, your touch screen will become unresponsive, in certain areas or completely.

Pixelated screen: A distorted screen can also indicate a damaged LCD. This can look like multi-colored dots, single or multiple lines of discolorations, rainbow lines, etc. So, inspect the screen closely before bringing your phone to T.I.N.Y. Repairs for a same-day cell phone screen replacement in Queens.

Black screen: Whether it is an android or an iPhone, if your phone showing a black screen or black spots on the screen on turning it on, this solidifies the damaged LCD. You may still hear sounds if you have an incoming call or text message. However, a clear picture or responsive touch screen or display is highly unlikely. Therefore, it is best to have a skilled phone repair technician take a look to determine the extent of the damage so the repairs can be made accordingly.

Clearly, damaged phone screens are one of the common issues for sophisticated gadgets. However, every fall doesn’t mean a hole in your pocket. Bring your device to the expert at the T.I.N.Y. Repairs to get the needful repairs. Our experts will closely examine the extent of the damage and provide the same-day cell phone screen replacement at the best prices in Queens, New York.