Infections are Prowling – Here are some ways you can keep your cell phone germ free!

September 24, 2020
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How often do you clean your cell phone? If you are like the vast majority of the population, not so much. Are we right?

It is true that mobile phones have become indispensable. But, it has made the spread of diseases and germs a bigger issue. Did you know? Your cell phone is covered with potentially deadly microbes and bacteria? This is transferred to and from surfaces your mobile phone has touched, and after that, it is transferred to your hands and face. That’s gross!

Your mobile phone catches viruses and infections from the hands that hold it and surfaces it has touched. According to studies, cell phones carry ten times more bacteria as compared to the toilet seat. Now that’s really gross! These diseases result in health issues that spread quickly and could result in illness. Thus, it’s as important to shield your mobile phone from bacteria, dirt, and germs as it is to get cell phone repair services in Queens, NY when your cell phone breaks down abruptly.

That being said, here are five tips that you can easily follow while holding a cell phone in your hands:

• Try to clean your mobile device with the help of sanitizer or disinfectant when you enter the house. Wash your hands with soap and wipe using a towel properly before using your device.
• Cleaning phones with alcohol-based disinfectants is not advisable. Try to use a disinfectant slightly lathered in water. You can find them at phone expert services in NY. Try not to disinfect your device with chemicals which have bleach in them; it may cause problems with your device.
• To clean the device, use a damp cloth. Ensure that the water is not getting inside the phone as it might damage the device’s internal circuitry. This would halt your work.
• The accessories with the device, such as covers and chargers, carry more infection than the device itself. Try to disinfect them also before use.
• Try not to use the phone while eating or with oily hands as oil tends to remain on the device for a longer period of time, captivating more dirt and germs.
• Using scotch tape will help you get rid of dirt and grime present on your device. Identify the area where you want to eradicate dirt and cut the tape to the proper length. Place it with the help of a groove and get rid of unwanted particles on the mobile.

Diseases and infections can take place anytime. It is better to take stringent steps before using cell phones. You can get them cleaned and have a protective shield installed by a phone expert technician in NY. Follow these steps and keep everyone around you healthy and safe.