Is Your Smartphone Damaged Or Broken? Don’t Throw It Away Or Sell It For Parts Just Yet!

September 23, 2019
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Here at T.I.N.Y, we specialize in providing customers with quality repair options for almost any type of phone on the market. Whether you’re an Android person or an iPhone user, our specialists have dealt with a number of different repair situations for a number of different Smartphone devices. Our goal is to make sure that your device is up and running as soon as possible. T.I.N.Y can expertly handle repairs for almost any type of phone you can think of. This includes repairs for any of the following Smartphone devices:

  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • LG
  • HTC
  • Google Phones
  • and More!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were in need of some type of serious repair for your phone? Or maybe you suffered a crack or other damage to your phone that just makes it harder and more inconvenient to use? At T.I.N.Y, we provide our customers with the highest quality repair options for just about any device you can think of. Whether you’re in need of a quality Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, or Gaming Device repair, T.I.N.Y’s specialists will help get your device working properly again.

Did You Know?

The following statistical data was gathered from Statista, “The statistics present the most common causes for accidental Smartphone damages in the United States as of 2018. During the survey period, 74 percent of respondents reported dropping their phones on the ground. Phones falling from pockets was ranked second at a 49 percent occurrence rate. Cracked screens there the most common type of Smartphone damage.”


When you’re in need of a quality cell phone repair in queens from an expert you can trust, you should never settle for a repair person based solely on cost or convenience. Here at T.I.N.Y, we provide the best repair options available. We don’t just specialize in one or two areas of Smartphone repair, however. In fact, we offer repairs for everything up to and including Batteries, Cracks, Power Buttons, Volume Buttons, and More. If you’re frustrated and tired of not being able to use your phone properly, give one of our repair specialists a call today!

Tired Of Not Being Able To Use Your Smartphone? We Can Help You With That!

Regardless of what type of Gaming Console repair you’re in need of, our qualified technicians here at T.I.N.Y have years of experience dealing with all or most types of devices and repairs. We treat every customer’s gaming device as if it were our own and we take a great deal of pride in providing quality work. Not only does T.I.N.Y promise you’ll be satisfied with our work, but we also stand by that work 100%. We aren’t satisfied until our customers are completely satisfied.

We stand by our quality work 100%, and we aren’t happy until YOU are completely satisfied. Our expert technicians here at T.I.N.Y have years of experience dealing with all or most types of devices and repairs. All of our technicians treat every customer’s device as if it were their own, and they take a great deal of pride in their work. Just forget about the rest, and trust the best!