Safety tips to prevent your phone screen from cracking

February 10, 2021
cell phone repair Queens

Let’s face it – we all skip a beat when we accidentally drop our phone. And if it doesn’t have a screen guard and protective cover, you know the screen is doomed even before you dare to pick it up from the floor. No matter how you dropped it, the screen is now smashed. Fortunately, the phone is working, and perhaps the touchscreen controls too. But the screen has turned into a spider web of broken glass. Now the only solution is to get it repaired.

Cell phone screen repair in Queens, NY, can be a pain. Especially when you have to wait for days to get your phone back. Fortunately, our professional and experienced technicians at T.I.N.Y. Repairs can replace your cell phone’s cracked screen in less than 90 minutes. We specialize in providing quality repair services for almost any type of phone on the market. So, when you need cell phone repair in Queens, our technicians can help you with prompt repair solutions.

However, it is essential to take necessary precautions to safeguard your phone screen to prevent it from cracking in the future.

Here are a few tips on how you can prevent your cell phone screen from breaking:

  1. Use a protective case

Phones without any kind of protective cover or casing are at a higher risk of getting their screen cracked when they fall. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a good quality protective case to protect your phone if it accidentally falls. You can choose a stylish smartphone case and other protective accessories available in the market.

  1. Install a screen guard

It is very risky to carry your phone without any kind of protective screen guard. It is highly recommended to invest in a high-quality screen protector to protect your phone from scratches, cracks, and smudges. A good screen guard can save you the trouble and money on getting cell phone screen repairs in Queens, NY.

  1. Always ensure to place your phone safely.

If you are used to throwing your phone on the bed or couch, it can easily fall and get damaged. It is best to always place your phone on a shelf, bedside table, or drawer where it can stay safe. It is also recommended not to carelessly throw your phone in a bag full of many items.

  1. Don’t place items on your phone

Sometimes people carelessly place a drink, such as juice or water glass, on their phone. It may not crack the phone screen but cell phones are very fragile and can easily get damaged if such items spill. So, make sure not to place any liquids on or next to your phone.

In case your phone screen gets cracked, and you need quick cell phone screen repairs in Queens, NY, contact our team at T.I.N.Y Repairs for instant assistance.